Beating the Winter Blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Having the “winter blues” is a term coined from the somewhat depressed feeling many individuals find themselves falling into during the late winter months.  The environment around us seems to be stripped of life, however, we don’t have to be.  There are many different ways to conquer the winter blues, so keep reading to find out how.


The ideas below are ones which can help produce Serotonin which helps regulate mood and increases Dopamine which is the “feel good” chemical in the brain, organically.


Serotonin production helps to fight feelings of loneliness and depressed moods.


Dopamine increases productivity, improves concentration, decreases impulsivity and increases the ability to plan ahead, and allows us to feel pleasure and joy.


Here are a few tips for fighting the “winter blues”:


Exercise: Get active.  This doesn’t have to be an intense spin class, or 5 mile run, it could be yoga with a friend or a walk in the park.  Any kind of exercise is proven to boost your mood…plus it’s pretty good for your physical health as well.


Remembering happy memories: Instead of dwelling on how cold it is outside, why not think back to a favorite vacation, childhood memory, or funny story.  It will probably help you crack a smile, even on the coldest of days.


Sunlight (Vitamin D): It seems as if the sun goes into hiding during the winter months, so take advantage of any sunlight you can get.  Open the blinds and let that sunshine in.


Get crafty and create something: Instead of scrolling through social media or watching TV, why not get creative?  Decorate a flower pot, finish that old scrapbook…the options are endless.


Spend time with social supports: Social supports are a great resource for the winter blues.  Spend some with them to help boost your mood.


Cuddle up with a pet: Haven’t had much quality time with your pet lately? Now is the perfect time to get a few cuddles in.  I’m sure it will boost not only your mood, but your pet’s as well.


Find something to look forward to each week, which can help make the days go faster: Summer is a few months away, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to it…but try and look forward to something each week as well.  Having smaller events to look forward can really help pass the time.