Karen Sawvel, tLMHC

Karen@Crossroadsdbq.comĀ Karen Sawvel

Life can be overwhelming and stressful at times; and we can all use support to help us navigate and come up with solutions. My function is to accompany you on your path to wellness. I have been in the mental health and social services field for many years, and take a unique approach to helping in your overall health. I am passionate about integrative and holistic care for the mind and body.

My philosophy for therapy is to be authentic, approachable and meet you where you are while being a partner in your journey. Clients I enjoy working with:



-chronic illnesses

-Foster/adoptive families

-Adults with various mental health needs

-those just dealing with life stressors and needing support


I provide a personal, comfortable and laid back atmosphere to promote a productive environment to collaborate with clients on treatment goals. I will educate, explain treatment, and answer questions that you may have.