Ronda Jasper, tLMHC

Your life can transform through connection. I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families to realize their fullest potential through exploring the depth of connection. Helping individuals from childhood to adulthood to become securely connected and committed to self, others, and society is the foundation of my practice.
I am especially interested in taking a lifespan and developmental approach to relationships and experiences. For most people, a deep sense of meaning and purpose, combined with a sense of belonging, is fundamentally necessary for psychological well-being. This well-being is possible through achieving a sense of self-acceptance, integration, and wholeness.
I am concerned with the individual’s overall health. I believe that I offer a unique blend of theory and life-experience to help people become happier and better integrated through Relationship Empowerment. Building and Maintaining STRONG and SECURE Connections is a Lifelong Journey.