Counseling for Older Adults

Older adults are one of the most underserved populations in the United States in terms of mental health. A study by Lebowitz et al. (as cited by the National Institute on Mental Health, 2007) shows that only half of all older adults who report mental health disturbances receive treatment. Yet, this same study showed that counseling can work in treating these disturbances.

At Crossroads Counseling Center, we believe that depression, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances are not a normal part of aging. While late adulthood can be one of the most transitional times in life, persistent feelings of sadness, nervousness, emptiness, and other such feelings do not have to accompany life’s changes. We believe that older adults and their families can continue to lead full, enriching lives at any age.

Crossroads Counseling Center offers counseling for older adults, and caregivers and family members of older adults. Counseling services are offered in a safe, welcoming environment with mental health professionals with experience helping you through the unique circumstances that accompany older adulthood.

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