Attachment Books





  • Attachment in the ClassrAttachment in the Classroomoom
    Author: Dr. Heather Geddes
    This book combines the fundamental principles of attachment theory with teacher-based case studies and practical ‘how to’ interventions.





  • Inside I’m Hurting
    Author: Louise Bomber
    Provides educational professionals with a much-needed classroom handbook of new strategies, practical tools and the confidence for supporting these children from an attachment perspective, thus promoting inclusion in the school system.







  • Teenagers and Attachment: Helping Adolescents Engage with LTeenagers and Attachmentife and Learning Authors: Daniel A. Hughes, Louise Bomber, and Karl Heinz Brisch
    Each expert practitioner offers practical strategies, underpinned by attachment theory and their own extensive experience, to enable teachers, psychologists, therapists and social workers to reach out to young people in new ways, establishing genuine connection and real possibilities for learning and hope.


  • The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive The Connected Childfamily Authors: Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
    Written by two research psychologists specializing in adoption and attachment, The Connected Child will help you: Build bonds of affection and trust with your adopted child, effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders, and discipline your child with love without making him or her feel threatened.




  • Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents KnewKnew Author: Sherrie Eldridge
    This extraordinary book, written by a woman who was adopted herself, gives voice to children’s unspoken concerns, and shows adoptive parents how to free their kids from feelings of fear, abandonment, and shame.



  • Attachment-Focused Attachment Focused Family TherapyParenting Author: Daniel A. Hughes.
    Drawing on more than 20 years of clinical experience, Hughes presents his comprehensive, effective, and accessible treatment model for working with all members of a family to recognize, resolve, and heal personal and family problems using principles from theories of attachment and intersubjectivity.



  • **Nurturing Attachments Training RNurturing Attachments Training Resourceesource**  Author: Kim S. Golding
    A structured programme providing theory-based strategies for therapeutic parenting. Practical: featuring printable activity sheets and handouts on an accompanying CD-ROM. Ideal for psychologists, social workers and other professionals involved in training foster and adoptive parents.