What is Neurofeedback / Biofeedback?

A short video documentary

In the Blink of an Eye

In this short documentary film about an extreme Whistler athlete, Don Schwartz discovers 25 years after a tragic helicopter crash -- leaving him with 3rd degree burns to his face -- that he suffers from PTSD.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for extreme mountain athletes to experience tragedy and loss of fellow adventurers but what is less common is the ability to truly face the deep scars that are left inside.

The story uncovers how Don’s psychological issues are revealed unexpectedly through an unconventional piano session and follows his treatment and recovery journey right up until he decides that the final test of his recovery is to take full control of his demons by getting his helicopter pilot's license.


LENS Neurofeedback truly takes therapy to a new level

Yvette Saeugling / Therapist:

After 30 years of counseling I came to my own crossroads. Despite the wonderful people I had met, the progress they had made, and the satisfaction they had expressed, I was not satisfied. It seemed to me, people still suffered unnecessarily, for too long.

Then I stumbled across LENS Neurofeedback and it has taken therapy to a new level. 

Traditional therapy seems to take people to a place of peace and resolve yet often one still needs to be mindful of their physiology (reactions). With LENS, people express changes that are long-lasting and automatic. They appear visibly happy and more energetic. Often people will state “I have my life back” or “I’m back to my old self” or “I have my child back.”

One can do LENS with or without therapy. If one wants to continue with therapy, LENS seems to cut the time down one spends in counseling.

Q&A: LENS and Neurofeedback

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