Stephanie: “Yvette and LENS have changed our lives! My daughter had episodes of rage that were completely out of control despite our many efforts to help calm her. My anxiety and guilt were through the roof as a result. We started LENS and began to notice the difference in my daughter after only a few sessions. ... I cannot recommend Yvette and LENS enough; the benefits are nothing short of spectacular and the process completely effortless!”

Jeremy: “LENS has helped me advance on my journey to recovery. I experienced some childhood trauma that has led to depression, anxiety, and OCD. I also have an ADHD diagnosis. ... To me LENS is completely worth it as I see daily the improvements it’s making in my life. I still have things to work on, but something about doing the LENS makes it seem possible to achieve my goals and live the kind of life I want to live. I am a straight shooter and will tell people like it is and LENS has been effective for me.”

Gina: “We have been seeing Yvette for LENS Neurofeedback for two of our children. We have seen positive results in both of them and are so excited about their progress! People have even noticed a change in them without being aware of the treatment we were doing! The process is quick and painless; it takes no effort from the kids. We are so thankful that Yvette has pursued this opportunity to provide evidence backed intervention to our children who so desperately need it.”

Luke:LENS has been one of the most successful therapy treatments for my recovery. My brain runs phenomenally after a session. I have struggled with ADHD my entire life, but have been able to maintain better focus and control after several sessions with LENS. My emotional regulation is also better than ever. I would often suffer from big anxiety attacks that could last an entire day, or longer. Now I rarely have anxiety that’s not manageable. Other big changes are being able to get more than adequate sleep each night; having the mental organization to be a parent, go to school, and work without losing control of my schedule; and overall becoming a far happier person without losing myself in negative thinking.

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Mark McDonald: Crossroads has some of the best counselors around and if (you're) seeking counseling for whatever reason give Crossroads a call ... my son has ADHD and has been seeing a counselor there on a weekly basis and they have helped us better deal with him and the ADHD!

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