Stephanie's Story

It was September 2022 and I was at the end of the rope with my 9-year-old daughter. She is a sweet, wonderful child outside of our four walls, but when she is home she releases all frustrations and goes into what I would call a rage. This is nothing like a tantrum here and there. It is hours of screaming, hitting, biting and destroying what she can. She has been this way to some extent for most of her life. Everyone just told us it was a phase she would grow out of (if they even believed that my sweet girl was capable of such a thing).

I tried everything I could think of to help, but nothing could bring her back down when she was fired up. Two of the worst incidences were about 30 days apart:

  • Once in the car, coming home from school shopping, she lost control and stripped down to her panties in the back of the car and started throwing anything she could get her hands on at us while we were driving. We had to pull over and wait it out. This time it was only an hour or so but it could also have resulted in an accident.
  • The second was when she went into a rage so bad that I had to excuse myself and went to my mom’s bawling while my husband took the brunt of it at home with her. I received a call four hours later from my 11-year-old saying I may not want to come home as she had ripped the curtains right off the wall. I went home and she was finally coming down. That day it was like she was completely out of her body and someone else took over.

She is always so sorry for what she has done once she is calm. And feels so embarrassed. She needed help. We needed help.

Entering Yvette’s office, we were two parents who thought we were the worst parents in the world because we could not handle the fits anymore. We were scared for our daughter.

After describing my daughter to Yvette she said she wanted to try something called LENS with her. She said it seemed like she just had a block somewhere that was causing her not to regulate. I was ready for anything at that point and my daughter was very receptive to getting help for what she called her “anger issues.” With LENS, I began to notice the difference in my daughter after only a few sessions. She would get angry but stay rational and calm down quickly on her own; to us this felt like a miracle! When something would happen at home that would normally trigger her to go off the rails, I found myself tensing up to brace for it. But instead, she would express herself and move on. I thought it was a fluke at first but it has literally been months since we have seen anything even resembling what we were used to seeing. It is like I finally have my daughter back and she is so wonderful to be around!

That kind of change made me wonder what LENS could do for me, so I tried it as well. I am sure it sounds like an exaggeration, but it truly was life-changing! I began treatment and my anxiety, guilt, second-guessing myself, and circling thoughts are a thing of the past. No trying to catch myself and change my thought pattern; no taking medication to suppress my anxiety. Instead it just happened automatically. I feel like I have more energy, am more patient and have been given my life back! It is like a HUGE weight was lifted, a weight that I was so used to carrying. I'm happy.

My mom has since jumped on the LENS train as well and has changed so much for the better. She refused to tell any of her siblings about it as she wanted to see if they noticed. [You bet they did!] Her sister asked her what was going on because she sounded so good on the phone, positive and energetic. It is like she has a renewed sense of life and it is beautiful to witness!

I feel giddy with excitement over the idea that this can offer so many wonderful things to loved ones with no pills or fear of side effects. Yvette has given me something that I have been chasing after for years with books, seminars, and pills. And the solution was only an office visit away!

I cannot recommend Yvette and LENS enough; the benefits are nothing short of spectacular and process completely effortless!